SOEAFRICA Corporate Partnership is available to organizations other than non-governmental organizations, such as governmental intergovernmental bodies and businesses, Entrepreneurs, corporations, and public universities which are engaged in functions consistent with the purposes of the School of Empowerment: AFRICA. Partnering with SOEAFRICA is a great opportunity to improve social impact at your workplace by supporting young people who are being mentored. Mentors inspire the next generation to develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary for an effective and socially conscious workplace. You can help them by providing job-shadowing, internships, and work opportunities for their mentees. In addition if you want to sponsor products or services, we direct them to mentor-mentee matches who we know really need them. You could also get your team involved as SOEAFRICA mentors. Mentoring is a great way to energise leadership and creativity, while also meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements.

An organization is required to be incorporated or registered for a minimum of one years prior to submitting the applying for SOEAFRICA Corporate Partnership.


To join SOEAFRICA Corporate Partnership : 

  1. Complete the online application (Click on “Corporate Partnership Application Form” below, after reading these instructions, to access the online application form.)
  2. Provide the date incorporation / registration for your organization in your nation.
  3. Provide the website address of a current working website for your organization
To help facilitate the processing of your application in a timely manner, please ensure that the documents requested in Numbers 2 and 3 above are complete and submitted with the membership application.

Once the completed application and Partnership dues are received, there will be an approval process. If you are not admitted as a SOEAFRICA Corporate Partnership, your application fee (Partnership dues) is non-refundable.

Please direct inquiries, or submit supporting documents, to the the Partnership Director at or WhatsApp to: Partnership Director, +27 63 438 4890

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