Source: Ghana The Black Star of Africa

black star of Ghana
This man right here, he was the President of Ghana between 2001 to 2009. Most of the social intervention programmes Ghanaians enjoy today were his initiative. He introduced:
#LEAP (Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty) where cash is transferred directly to poor Ghanaians for their upkeep.
#NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME where government provides financial access to quality health care for residents in Ghana.
#SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAMME where government provides food to children at school to encourage enrollment.
#NATIONAL YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME which was intended to address Ghana’s youth unemployment.
#FREE MATERNITY CARE POLICY which allows all pregnant women to have free medical services throughout pregnancy, childbirth and 3 months postpartum.
#METRO MASS TRANSIT SYSTEM which provided reliable and affordable public transportation to Ghanaians.
#CAPITATION GRANT which provided school children with cash to cater for school expenses like cultural, sports and development fees.
#AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROJECTS which were intended to provide affordable housing schemes for all Ghanaians.
He has made his mark and history will be kind to him.