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Your donation we receive goes to work immediately in the communities we serve, providing safe, nurturing, educational spaces for some of South Africa’s most vulnerable communities and beyond.

The ​School of Empowerment: AFRICA is registered as a Non-Profit Company No. 2019/350554/08 | PBO No. 930070179 | Income Tax Reference No. 9892072175 .Donations to School of Empowerment: AFRICA are tax deductible in South Africa under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

If you would like support this cause feel free to give via EFT.Our banking details are as follows:

Bank: First National Bank
Account name: School of Empowerment: AFRICA
Account number: 62842216930
Universal Code: 250655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Alternatively you can choose from following options below.

debit order requesst

Dear Partner

We are delighted that you would like to become a committed agent of social change. Your donation helps the work of ​School of Empowerment: AFRICA continue across communities we operate in the provinces of South Africa and beyond.
Thank you for partnering with us on our journey to EMPOWER and INSPIRE a nation, one person at a time – it truly is an exciting one!
Below you will find the debit order authority form for you to complete and submit back to us.

Kind regards
The School of Empowerment Africa Team 
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Contact Info

125 Palm St. Delft South Cape Town, 7100

Become a Volunteer

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Make a Donation

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Support a child, and you can transform a community. 

Sponsor a child 

When you sponsor a child with School of Empowerment Africa, you do more than just improve the life of a single child. Our child-centred, community-based approach to child sponsorship means we establish meaningful relationships with sponsored children and their families to create lasting change. By pooling our sponsorship funds together at a community level, we can implement programs that tackle the root causes of discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability.


We are not religious and accept all children and communities into our child sponsorship program. Poverty does not discriminate, so neither do we.

Sponsor a child...

How it works

Sponsoring a child with School of Empowerment Africa is one of the easiest ways
to improve the lives of all children, and to make sure girls have access to equal opportunities.
Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Selection

You can select the Community, age range and gender of a child you would like to sponsor or alternatively select the child that is most in need of support.

Step 2. GIVE

Give a gift of $50 every 4 weeks. Your support will go towards that child’s community, as well as funding vital advocacy and programmatic work in Communities where children cannot be sponsored.

Step 3. updates

You will receive annual updates about the child you sponsor, and the work that you are supporting in their community. Plus, you can send them a card on their birthday, and exchange letters with them throughout the years.

The privacy, dignity and wellbeing of all children is our shared priority, and we take every step to ensure we – and everyone we engage with – keep children safe from intentional or unintentional harm. To read more about how we can work together to safeguard children and young people. Read our full policy..

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$690 000


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$420 000


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$1 250 000

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