Join SOEAFRICA Non-Profit Partnership (NGO, NPC, NPO) 

SOEAFRICA Non-Profit Partnership (Regular & Senior) is open to non-governmental organizations whose primary functions are consistent with the purposes of the School of Empowerment: AFRICA. There are a number of ways your non-profit can help – depending on what it is you do (e.g., camps, outings, meet-ups, youth cafes, skills development, information sessions, training, food parcels, housing, clothing, sport, job creation, entrepreneurship). You define your support based on what you do best. 

It is important that the name of SOEAFRICA be associated with integrity, ethics, and values that support the public good. SOEAFRICA Non-Profit Partnership equates an NGO with being legitimate, active, and ethical. For this reason, the approval process is more extensive than many associations. However, once your organization is approved, you join a special family of organizations. Furthermore, we keep the annual dues much lower than most associations, having been formed by NGOs to serve NGOs.

An NGO or non-profit organization is required to be registered as an organization for a minimum of one years prior to applying for SOEAFRICA Non-Profit Partnership.

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How to Join SOEAFRICA NGO Partnership

  1. Complete the online application (Click on “Continue” below, after reading these instructions, to access the online application form.)
  2. Submit a copy of a document showing that you are registered in your nation, clearly noting the date of incorporation or registration.* If this is not possible, since situations vary around the world, then you may provide one of the following: (a) A copy of the organization’s organizing documents (articles of incorporation, constitution, and/or bylaws), or equivalent document; or (b) A letter of explanation of why your organization is not registered, along with two or more letters of recommendation to support your case. Submit proof of recent activities, such as a copy of a recent brochure or a copy of the most recent annual report. (A web site address for your organization will fulfil this requirement as well.)
  3. The application should be authorized by the chairperson of the board or the chief executive officer.
To help facilitate the processing of your application in a timely manner, please ensure that the documents requested in Numbers 2 and 3 above are complete and submitted with the partnership application.

Once the completed application and partnership dues are received, there will be an approval process. If you are not admitted as a SOEAFRICA Partner, your application fee (Partnership dues) will be reimbursed, minus a basic charge of US$15 for processing the application.

Please direct inquiries, or submit supporting documents, to the Partnership Director at or WhatsApp to: Partnership Director, +27 63 4384380

​If you meet these ABOVE basic conditions then use our Application form below: 

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