Faculty of Healing


Faculty of Healing focus on the three arms of a HUMAN – Spirit, Body, and Soul &/ Mind.  A Human-being is a Spirit, lives in Body and has a  Soul &/ Mind. Thus at SOEAFRICA, we believe Healing is the first phase to Happiness and Empowerment.


The Spirit


The worst sickness is the sickness of the Spirit. It manifest itself when people or person does not believe in deity- in our case God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The person might feel or made to feel unqualified, inferior to the unconditional Love of God. They end up confined inside spiritual ghettos. The person need to be set- free. Thus, to deal with this, you need to go beyond simply giving money or material things, but to reach out and affirm them as a brother or sister in Christ.

At Faculty of Healing, we make it our lifestyle to pray and worship with him / her who has a sickness of the spirit. We speak life into them, allowing the unbelieving person to see how much CHRISTIANS of different social position love each other and ultimately lead them to Christ i.e to be Born Again.


The Body



At the Faculty of Healing , we deal with physical body of a person which goes through intentional & / unintentional harm or mistreatment abuse.

Summary of the some the Body Abuse.

  • Physical abuse. Physical abuse occurs when a person is purposely physically injured or put at risk of harm by another person. It is any intentional act causing injury or trauma to another person or animal by way of bodily contact. In most cases, children are the victims of physical abuse, but adults can also be victims, as in cases of domestic violence or workplace aggression.
  • Sexual abuse. Sexual abuse occurs when a person is exposed to or engaged in sexual activities in which the person cannot give consent, or are coercive in nature, or violate the law, or when there is a developmental asymmetry among the participants. The perpetrator is generally an older or more mature person or person in power. The sexual activities may include any of the following: fondling of genitalia or breasts, oral‐genital contact, vaginal or anal penetration, exploitation in pornography or prostitution, exhibitionism, or voyeurism.Synonyms *Molestation *Rape *Sexual assault.
  • Medical abuse. When someone purposely makes themselves or another person sick, requiring medical attention, it puts the victim in serious danger of injury and unnecessary medical care. This may be due to a mental disorder called factitious disorder imposed on another, such as a parent harming a child. dealing with drug addictions
  • Neglect. Is is failure to provide adequate food, shelter, affection, supervision, education or medical care

Healing yourself with food

It’s such an amazing claim that it’s hard to believe: You can beat some of the most dangerous medical conditions around simply by eating right and exercising. But this promise isn’t snake oil or even an exaggeration—it’s scientific fact, you can heal yourself with food. Studies done at leading research centres show that food can do what drugs often can’t: Restore your health and vitality, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Instead of giving in to a lifetime on prescription drugs, they took control of their health by adopting diets that have been proven to fight disease. The eating plans (plus moderate exercise for two of the regimens) demanded commitment. But the results were so fast and dramatic, they inspired the women to stick with the changes. Each discovered, to her astonishment, that her new routine quickly stopped feeling like work and became a way of life. Today they’re all healthier, fitter, and feeling great.

You can eat your way to better health. These stories show you how.

The Soul &/ Mind

The soul is your psychological part composed of your mind, will, and emotion. It’s the part of your inner being created by God for the purpose of reflecting and expressing Him.

  1. your mind is the part of your soul that knows, considers, and remembers.
  2. your will is the part of your soul that makes decisions, chooses, refuses, and seeks.
  3. your emotion is the part of your soul that expresses love, hatred, joy, grief, and desire.
God’s remedy for your soul sickness and how to apply it


At Faculty of Healing, we take three basic steps in order for our soul to be healed so that it can fulfil its God-created function:

  1. Deny your soul
  2. Purify your soul
  3. Be transformed in your soul

Faculty of Healing provides a concentrated programme of counselling and teaching, followed by some practical ministry experience. It is designed to help equip those who have a heart to bring healing to themselves and also wish to move into greater personal wholeness. During this time you will work alongside experienced SOEAFRICA experience Volunteers / Facilitators and Glory ministries prayer ministry team members who will be there to guide and encourage you in the practice of prayer ministry in a safe environment for learning to move under God’s power and authority in healing. It has three sets of programmes


1.Healing Services


Healing Services are one-on-one meetings which take place at most Glory Ministries Assemblies in South Africa on a regular basis. They are free events, which are open to all and provide opportunities to hear a small amount of teaching on a variety of subjects, and to receive personal prayer from the Glory Ministries team.

If you have never been to an SOEAFRICA – Faculty of Healing event before (or you would like to introduce your family, friends or church members) a Healing Service is an excellent ‘first-time’ event.



The content is basic biblical teaching concerning God’s provision for His disciples to administer healing and deliverance.

Specific subjects which are covered:

  • The power and authority of Jesus
  • Moving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Wholeness in body, soul and spirit
  • Achieving a godly sense of acceptance and belonging
  • Healing from emotional damage
  • Healing from the consequences of trauma
  • Freedom from ungodly ties
  • Freedom from demonic bondage
  • Healing the human spirit
  • Freedom from fear and anxiety
  • Right relationships and godly expression of sexuality
  • Principles of care and prayer ministry
  • Ministry into occult, witchcraft and false religion

2.Healing Family Group Conferencing


These are two day family group conferencing which are held on the last weekend of the month, usually on Friday and Saturdays. They are free events, which are open to all and provide opportunities to hear a small amount of teaching and counselling on a variety of subjects, and we don’t do it alone – we’ll work with you, local communities, other service providers and government to help build thriving and resilient families.


Programmes including topics such as

  • Communication development
  • Gender based violence and gender equality
  • Parents’ divorce (the issue of children’s residence, documental issues, treatment)
  • The problem of mutual understanding between parents and children
  • Drug abuse and committing offence by teenagers
  • Leaving home
  • Family development
  • Maintain positive relationships with family and your peers
  • Family reunification
  • safe choices,


The goals of our Healing Family Group Conference are:

➢ To adopt plans that are safe and appropriate for children.

➢ To urge family members to participate actively in the planning of childcare and child protection.

➢ To study the possibilities inside the family, the society and the professional organizations.

➢ To support the partnership between families and professionals.

➢ To empower family members, giving them an opportunity to make plans corresponding to their children’s needs

3.Healing Retreats


A Healing Retreat will be of benefit, whether you need physical healing, struggle with emotional issues or recognise a spiritual problem. The work of School of Empowerment: AFRICA and Glory Ministries began with offering Healing Retreats to people in need of help and these free events are still at the heart of our ministry. The Bible brings us the life-giving message of hope that God is able and willing to meet all our needs, no matter how desperate they may seem. In Luke 4:18-19 Jesus quotes part of the Old Testament saying:


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the downtrodden will be freed from their oppressors, and that the time of the Lord’s favour has come.

Jesus was aware that the human race was in desperate need of healing, with many people lost to Him or living in situations which felt like prisons. They were physically, emotionally and spiritually ill, or crushed on the inside as people, so that they had lost – or had never really found – their true identity. As Jesus spoke the above words He was declaring that He was the answer. That in Him, and through His love, people could find good news that would bring eternal life. They could receive the healing that would bring restoration, and the freedom to live a fulfilling life, serving Him and in relationship with Him.

2000 years later, the human race needs Jesus as much as in any other generation. The answer is still the same…. Jesus. He has asked Christians, as His followers, to carry on the work which He started while He was on the earth; to bring good news to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted and to release the captives.


What is a Healing Retreat?

Healing Retreats take place at various camp site in South Africa. A Healing Retreat is a special 2-3 day opportunity to receive personal prayer ministry. During a Retreat there are times of praise and worship, teaching sessions and opportunities to receive individual prayer ministry in a safe and loving environment. Each Retreat also includes personal time where delegates have the opportunity to spend time alone with the Lord as they enjoy the beautiful, peaceful settings of the camp site. We have seen the Lord work in amazing ways through the whole experience of the Retreat – from the teaching to the ministry to the time spent in the grounds.

Healing Retreats is also the first port of call for couples who are seeking to make their relationships better, couples who are separated, or couples who are going through separation. We can also assist other people who are affected by these issues, such as grandparents and other extended family members.takes place at various campsites in Western Cape



Teaching will cover:
  • Couple / Marriage Counselling
  • Family Counselling / Trauma-informed counselling,
  • Stress Management and Mind Management
  • Conflict Under the Microscope & Mediation Services
  • Promoting and strengthening parenting skills programmes for families at risk, first-time parents, fathers, young mothers, single parents and granny headed families.
  • Fatherhood programmes
  • Team Family
  • Sacrificial Love
  • Upcycling in Marriage
  • Parenting of teenagers’ programmes


Other teaching content covers

During a Healing Retreat, the times of teaching cover biblical principles which are keys to receiving healing for Spirit, Body, and Soul.

Teaching will cover:

  • The importance of getting to the root of the problem
  • How we are made
  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Understanding and knowing the Father Heart of God and His desire to heal, restore and fill us with His Holy Spirit
  • The importance of spiritual protection
  • The importance of making godly choices
  • How God enables us to walk on in victory
What will the times of prayer involve?


Your time for prayer ministry is time for you to be real – to share your heart and your struggles with your ministry team. It is a safe, loving environment where there will be no judgement or criticism. Personal sharing and prayer ministry often includes time talking and praying through any relevant areas of forgiveness, repentance and inviting Jesus to be Lord. It may also include recognising the work of the enemy in our lives and overcoming it through the power of the cross of Jesus.


The purpose of a Healing Retreat is to bring God’s love and healing power into your life. Of course, it is not usually possible to deal with a life-time’s problems all at once, but the aim is rather to facilitate a significant step forward in your Christian journey – often a breakthrough in some area. Your personal needs and the guidance of the Holy Spirit will assist the team in knowing what to pray about. There is also time for personal reflection.


Who are the ministry team members?


All those volunteer-counsellors of SOEAFRICA – Faculty of Healing and who minister with Glory Ministries are committed mature Christians who have a heart to apply – from their experience and training – God’s love, healing and restoration according to the principles of the Kingdom of God. They are carefully trained and evaluated by SOEAFRICA – Faculty of Healing over a period of time prior to being released to minister under the supervision of the SOEAFRICA – Faculty of Healing centre Director.


It should be noted that members of the ministry teams are not required to have secular qualifications and are not professionals. Some are pastors or church leaders or have accreditation with other Christian organisations. The ministry teams work in groups of two or three. At least one ministry team member will be the same sex as the person seeking help.


Is it confidential?


Yes. What is confided, both on the application form and during prayer ministry, will be kept in strictest confidence. Application forms and personal details will be kept locked and secure. We will not release any details to anyone without your written permission, unless obliged to do so by law.


What are the results?


God works in different ways with different people. For some there is an immediate testimony of significant changes and for others the change is more progressive and continued over months or even years after their Retreat. Nearly everyone testifies to increased faith, strength and hope. For some, deep levels of pain may begin to be touched for the first time, which initially can result in being more aware of the pain, but God never does more than we can cope with. You will receive advice and encouragement about the way forward.


Will it solve all my problems?


None of us can say what the Lord Jesus will do in your life during the Healing Retreat. For some people there is powerful experience of healing, but for most people healing is a process, which means a continuing walk with God.


How much will it cost?


SOEAFRICA – Faculty of Healing do not make any charge for Healing Retreats so that no-one is hindered from receiving help. We do invite those coming on a Retreat to donate whatever they can towards meeting the costs, whether much or little. Most people make a donation or sometimes their church might do so on their behalf. The cost of putting on a Healing Retreat is higher than the cost of a training course because food and accommodation for the ministry team also have to be covered. (Note- if you have a Healing Retreat in South Africa province where SOEAFRICA – Faculty of Healing does not own property, you may need to pay for accommodation.)


Where and how is an application made?


An application form for a Healing Retreat may be obtained by WhataApping or by Booking a Free Appointment. After receiving an application we prayerfully consider the needs of the individual and will usually offer a place on a Healing Retreat. In some situations a Healing Retreat may not be considered to be the best way forward and alternative advice may be given.


How do I prepare for a Healing Retreat?


We are only able to offer one Healing Retreat per person. For this reason, it is very important that you get the most out of your Healing Retreat. We would recommend that you consider taking advantage of some of the wide range of SOEAFRICA – Faculty of Healing foundational teaching first, which will provide excellent preparation for your Healing Retreat and will enable you to get the most out of it. As a guide, the early training courses of Modular School Part A are particularly suitable as preparation for a Healing Retreat, as well as any Getting To the Root of the Problem Course.


How long is the waiting list?


We try to offer people a place on a Healing Retreat as soon as possible but due to high demand, the waiting list can be several months long. However, we have cancellation places which we offer to people who can come at short notice. When the completed application form is received, you will usually be sent details of any Training Courses that the team feel would help you in preparing for a Healing Retreat.


Do people come on their own?


Most people come on their own. Occasionally a carer is needed, in which case we may invite someone like a pastoral worker, spouse or friend to attend the Retreat with you, to act in a supportive role during the meals, teaching and free time. The carer will not normally participate in ministry sessions, or receive prayer for themselves. Carers are asked to pay towards accommodation and food costs.


What is the accommodation like?


Most of our centres are large and comfortable houses set in beautiful countryside. People sometimes come just to appreciate the environment! Bedroom accommodation ranges from smaller rooms where you may have to share with one other person, to larger rooms where there can be 3 to 6 people sharing. Some rooms have en-suite bathrooms. Should special meals be required for medical reasons, or a wheelchair accessible room be needed, please mention this at the time of your application.


What is the next step after the Healing Retreat?


We recommend committed involvement with a local church and encourage you to receive ongoing pastoral care and ministry wherever this is available and appropriate. Those praying with you will discuss the next step for you and may suggest suitable Training Courses that would be beneficial for you.




When enough people are swept into this Faculty of Healing -the transformation continuum , the family is changed , then the city , South Africa is transformed  and eventually the world is changed and empowered. When people in sickness and bondage are set free from the control of the devil, they cease to be controlled by sickness, are filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to help others-empower others and the Kingdom of God becomes evident.

If you want to enter our Faculty of Healing or you want to refer someone in need Healing then APPLY HERE

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