Code of Conduct


1. Code of Conduct Relationship to God/Spirit 


We embrace and live by God’s standards as laid out in the Bible and SOE’s foundational values. We honor and adhere to our mission mandate of “knowing God and making him known” as well as SOE community Mission, Vision and Core Values.


2. Relationship to Others 


We value and affirm that we are all unique and different. God has made us this way, so as we strive for godly relationships with those around us and within our community and programs, we embrace and celebrate our diversity in gender, age, nationality, and gifting. We endeavor to live in a way that demonstrates care and respect for one another’s personal value and dignity. As ambassadors of Christ and students in SOE, we will aim to uphold the reputation of the organisation. The participation in the following, including but not limited to those listed, is unacceptable for any student in SOE community:

  • Sexual immorality (ex: incest, fornication, adultery, and bestiality), or any expression of sexual activity outside the boundaries of marriage between a man and a woman as defined by the Bible.
  • Drinking or smoking, including cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs. We receive students from many different cultural backgrounds, and we do not want any of those things to be a distraction from our main purpose, which is to love God and love others.
  • Possession of any illegal material or property.
  • Abuse in any form to one’s self or another human being.
  • Dishonesty, speaking untruths, and lying.
  • Withholding of any incriminating information that may be harmful to any person or lawful for a member to know (ex: sexual abuse). The biblical model stated in Matthew 18:15-20 should be followed.
  • Any expression, language, or gesture that may be offensive to another race or culture or is considered foul or offensive.
  • Any breach or violation to immigration or visa agreements.
  • Coming off prescription medicine without consulting a doctor.


3. Relationship to Property 


We will demonstrate care and respect for all SOE property, safeguarding and stewarding these resources in a way that is honoring. We recognize these resources are provided as a blessing and benefit for the entire community and must be maintained and preserved by all. We will likewise respect an individual’s private property. SOE community, will not allow participation in activities including but not limited to the following:

  • Theft or stealing of any property not belonging to you.
  • Abuse to SOE property and facility.


4. Relationship to Safety 


We recognize that we have been created with value and purpose and so apply common sense to all situations to do with self or others. We will choose to conduct ourselves in a way that places safety as a high priority for individuals and teams. It is expected that if someone breaks this Code, especially as it affects others, that he/she walk in humility and accountability, asking for forgiveness and making restitution where necessary. We aim to maintain a community where every member feels safe while remaining sensitive to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. We recognize every student is on a journey of personal growth; it is expected that each student then be open to change and growth in areas of our own character, actions, and spiritual walk where they may not align with biblical principles. SOE, and its leadership reserve the right to ask a student to leave where areas of this Code of Conduct have not been adhered to as outlined



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